Form won't appear on Wordpress when logged out

Can’t for the life of me work out why a IS form only shows up when logged into wordpress. has anyone come up against that before?

Hi, @Dan_Vince,

The only reason this would happen is if you had something interacting with the page (like a membership plugin that limits what logged in and logged out users or visitors can see or have access to). ie, this can’t happen on it’s own by default. By default, WP allows access to everything you create.

Another common misconception however, is that some have tried to use internal forms which will only work for logged in users (not contacts) of the app. This is a form of a webform but not the same as a webform. If that is what’s happening, then just change to an actual webform from the internal form.

hmmm, thanks. there are membership and in subscriptions systems in place but this is in the footer, which shouldn’t effect it, I’ll toggle plugins to see and check the IS from version.

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