WordPress plug-in issue with pop up and fly in opt-in forms

I am having an issue with the IS WordPress plug-in when trying to setup a pop-up or fly-in form. If I choose to have it display on a page, and select the one page I want it displayed on, the forms appears on every page on my site. I can fix this by entering all other pages in the “Do Not Display on these pages” field - but that’s not feasible on an on-going basis. Has anyone else had a similar issue?

Sorry you are having some issues on this @Wendy_Levine I am getting some information on this and will let you know my findings tomorrow. I personally haven’t ran across this issue in my support cases but I’ll see what I can find out. I may need to PM you for some screenshots tomorrow once I find out what we will need to look into this.

I have one of our Advanced Support Reps running some tests on this. He said he will be meeting with me on this in just a bit, once he finishes his testing.

Alright, so a couple of us have been doing some testing, and I was actually granted access to our testing wordpress to get to play around with this myself, and I am unable to recreate this.

I wanted to see if we could share some screenshots of the configuration of the display settings

I ran a test by creating 2 simple forms, 1 was a fly in, and the other was a pop-up. I left the default ‘Display on’ and ‘Display on Categories’ selected, but set a specific page for the form to show up on, and it is overwriting the settings above, and only displaying the forms on page I selected.

I wanted to see if you could share a screenshot of the same view I shared above. I would like to take a look at the differences, because before testing, I was going with the theory that setting a page was not overwriting the settings above. But I have yet to prove this in my test.

Thank you for your help here. I did try to add this to a page, not a post. Were you able to add to a page, or just a post?

Yes, I was able to test both ways. If I left the specific page / specific post display options below those checkboxes blank, and selected Page or Post, it would display on all pages or post. But the moment I added a specific page to display on, that is the only page it would show up on. The same occurs in my test of adding it to a specific ‘post’.

But you are seeing that if you add a specific page to the ‘Display On These Pages’ it is still showing up on all pages, correct?