Follow how many products has sold in Dashboard

Is it possible to follow how many products has sold in DashBoard widget. I can find report: Sales Totals (By Product), and i get list of all products. I would like to follow one product… and look that on Dashboard widget (Saved Search or Saved Report). Then Sales Manager can follow how sales goes in easy way. :slight_smile:

Hey Timo, I’d probably apply a tag to the product sale and do a saved search on that tag.

If you are in Classic then you could put the custom statistics widget onto the dashboard and have it show the saved search.

Thanks Andy. Some customer has ordered two or more of same product. Do this help in that situation too? I can find all orders and all customers with that product Tag. The Product is event ticket, so we need to know how many people is participating and is the event in breackeven… so that is why i need exact number of purchased products (i.e. Tickets).