Fields updating when a second registration comes in for the same email but another campaign

How can I get a field to update with new information if someone registers for a second event. Currently, if they register for one event it will input info into their fields but if they come along and register for another event it does not update the EventDate(Text) field. This field we use to then update the EventDate(Date) field and also use the text field in the emails to the registrant

How exactly is your EventDate(Text) field getting populated, when they register for the first event? I feel there may be a disconnect in the automation, when it comes to handling a second registration.

It is a field in the form of our landing page and is mapped directly to the Infusionsoft campaign and field. When the guest visits the page they select the option from the field on the form and that pushes to IS.

Sheila Dickey

Director of Operations
D: 913.725.0979

Hm, well I see the strangeness, It was almost sounding like it may be a ‘set field value’ process, but the fact that it is on the actual form that they fill out, should overwrite the field, and not have to wait on a campaign process.

With the nature of this issue, I would suggest giving our Live support team a call at 1-866-800-0002 Ext 2, and have one of our support reps look at this with you. They will want to see an example of someone who has registered for 2 events but did not have the field update, and they will also want to test out the form, if possible.

We currently have a number of reps in a ‘ready’ status, so if you have a little time to call in and present this now, you will get right through.

I have a call scheduled in a few minutes but as soon as it is finished I will jump on the call. Thank you for your prompt response.

Sheila Dickey

Director of Operations
D: 913.725.0979

No Problem, @Sheila_Dickey Wish I could have been better help on this, but with the nature of what you are reporting, I am guessing there is something small causing this, but I feel that looking at this with the support team should be able to iron this out pretty quickly.

James and Sheila,

Another thing to look into is whether or not the client is in an active
sequence has any effect on how the data passes over. Strangely it is
updating many of the fields upon resubmission of the form, but not other
ones (specefically REEventDate(Text)). Could it be that a tag being applied
from an old campaign, or that contact being in an active automation
sequence is affecting IS’s ability to update the fields?


Jonathan Musgrave

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