Failed Orders

Hi, I am Administrator for KeepItColourful paint nights, we use Infusionsoft/Keap/WePay on our GoDaddy website (product links)
We find that since we use WePay some orders never make it through their check system which is more strict than other companies as many of our customers tell us that they don’t have problems with their cards anywhere else. Many of our customers are regulars and we know them personally.
Often times people get an error that their card is expired when it isn’t.

Some people use debit cards but they don’t work. Do I need to add allow Debit Cards
to the settings as a separate word entry?

People often have problems getting their order through that use phones due to their security settings or their phones just can’t load our image based page.

We require high quality resolution images to be displayed to our customers on our website.

Is there something we can do to help customers have a better experience by CC. So far our best alternative has been to provide the option to e-transfer.

Not everyone has these experiences but a few of our regular customers do and I am sometimes at a loss as to how to best help them with their cards.

For the most part thought most failed orders are a result of the customer themselves. Still there are orders that fail sometimes that don’t make sense.