Customers having Trouble Placing Orders

Hi, multiple customers are having trouble placing orders from our Go Daddy business website this past year. Today we had at least three orders glitch out on people. They fill out the order form and then they are taken to another page and the order disappears on them. We seem to think this is a security setting issue with the customers phone or pc but I don’t know, why so many people all of a sudden? We have thought maybe it is our Website provider, Go Daddy that needs to check the API Connection but they don’t seem to know anything about that when I mention it. And they have done nothing to check the connection so far. I am at a loss. I can usually help people get their order thru but it is becoming a strain on me as I don’t really know what is causing this to happen. And often times the customer has to find an alternative way to purchase their ticket.

So in short we create products and insert a registration link for each product from the Go Daddy Domain website. The links work fine. The registration pages aren’t completing and getting through to WePay or something to that effect.

I give people tips such as the recommended browser, cookies and history cleared, check their pop up blocker isn’t blocking our website … use a PC instead of a phone. And most times these thing work.
But there are just so many this past week alone. I don’t know what to think so I ask for advice from anyone who might listen and have an workable solution.

Thanks Everyone,
Pam Site Administrator