Facebook Pixel in A hidden field

Morning Champions, are we able to put a facebook pixel from facebook ads in a hidden field in our landing pages.

Thanks in advance.

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So, you CAN add a Facebook pixel from Facebook Ads on your landing pages, but it wouldn’t be stored in a hidden field. It’d be on the page, and it’d load as the page loads to pass information to Facebook.

Do you actually want it saved in a field on the contact record, or am I misunderstanding?

Hey Greg, thanks for responding no that is exactly what I want it to do pass information to FB so where do I put it because when I was tring to do it I put it in the code element but whe I launced the page it was just showing up as code for everyone to see. Thanks in advance for your help

So, I think if you click through to the “Launch” page, there is a section that allows you to add custom code to the Header of the page, this also has a message indicating that it should support Facebook or Google Analytics pixels:

YEAH!!! this is perfect Champion, Merry CHristmas and perfect timing as I am getting ready to do some FB Ads over Holidays . You are awesome . I am so grateful so we just put in header correct.

God Bless Réal

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HOw do you track if they use a buy button in IFS landing page? the head tag should track if they arrived on the LP but not if they checkout out right?