Facebook custom conversion pixel for cart sales

I am trying to track facebook conversion so need to get a facebook pixel on the cart thank you page but cannot find out how. Surely others track purchases from the cart back to facebook adverts? Hope you can help.

Hi! Did you ever get this resolved? I am trying to do the same thing.

Hasn’t been resolved yet, was on with with support for over 30 minutes.

You can make this work. In the thank you page, add a code block. In the code block add this following code:

fbq(‘track’, ‘Purchase’, {currency: “USD”, value: 297.00});

be sure to put it inside script tags

MAKE SURE you already have your fb pixel tracking code in the correct spot on the “launch” tab or this won’t work, and you’ll have to put all the pixel code here PLUS the purchase event code.

Also, if the amount of the purchase can vary, I don’t know how to submit the correct amount. Only a hardcoded one…