FaceBook Pixel with New Landing Pages?

I have one FaceBook pixel that I use for my landing page and one pixel I use for my Thank You page. I was told by support that I would enter both FaceBook pixels into the New Landing Pages “Launch” page Head Tag and both would fire when either page is viewed.

This is not what I am looking for. I want the Landing page pixel to fire when the landing page is viewed and the Thank You page pixel to fire when the Thank you page is viewed. This way I can continue to market to people that have viewed my Landing page but did not complete the form. Can this be done with a Code Snippet? Honestly any help is appreciated.

Hey there! I just posted the same question. Were you able to find a work-around for this?

Hi - same question here. Did anyone get an answer? - Thanks, HB

Any news on this? landing and thank you page pixels?

My guess on a work around is building a separate land page for your thank you and connecting that link in the redirect. Then you place the thank you pixel on that page and not have mixing of pixels.