Facebook pixel placement - 3 sections?


What is the difference between the Head Tag, After Opening tag and the last tag for the Facebook pixel placement? I understand that we are to place facebook pixels for our ads in the head tag, but I want to be sure I’m not missing something.
Also - How do I differentiate between the landing page activity and the Thank You page activity with my pixel? Does it all stem from what I place in the Head Tag?

Thanks in advance!

What goes between head and it’s closing tag is there to ensure loading items before the actual page loads. It provides a way to ensure that what is loaded is available to the page as it’s being loaded. The other particulars really depend on what it is and what’s getting done during the loading process.

@Joseph_McMahon - Did you find out where to place pixels for the thank you?
@John_Borelli - I don’t understand your answer and have the same questions as Joseph_McMahon’s original questions in his post. Can you please clarify?

@Laura_Van_Houtte From what I can tell there’s only the one spot to place your pixel on the launch page. I haven’t spent much more time looking into this as all I’m really doing is collecting lead info…Unless I’m getting hundreds or thousands of leads I don’t think I need to really keep track of how many times my thank you page is viewed. I can calculate my cost per lead pretty easily on my own. If you get more info please share.