Exporting All Data failing with timeout

We have 90,000+ records in the app.
Is anyone having issues with timeout error 524 when exporting ALL Data from Infusionsoft?
No problems for last 3+ years until now
Had online chat requesting help but suggestion of batching by “Date Created” doesnt help as initial data import into App exceeded 50,000 records

Any help welcome
Caley / UK

Hey Caley!

Similarly to what was suggested by Support, you could use the ID range under Misc Criteria, with an example being a range [1-100,000] (Contact IDs tend to skip every other number). Also notable, if you’ve rolled back an import or deleted contacts, you might be able to tweak the top end.

Let me know if this works for you or if you have any issues or questions!

Hi, @Caley_Lewis,

I do see this with client that have large number of contacts. It’s not difficult to split the list up and then you can use excell to merge the list into one. I know it’s not ideal, but understand that, for security reasons, there is a time limit processes are permitted to run. Don’t quote me but I think theirs is 30 seconds. That being the case, you have to adjust parameters to limit the time before it runs out. I also see this often with saved searches, especially if the search criteria is compound and the list is large.

Thanks John
Seems strange to start getting Error 524 msg for exporting all contacts when its been ok for 4+years.
Error msg refers to Cloudflare which im told by our web developers has a time limit of aprox 60 seconds. They also said Infusionsoft would definately have the “Enterprise Package” enabling them to adjust this time limit - are you aware of this?

Reply from Michael_Earl suggest i use ID range to segment contacts which would work.
Shame “online chat” didnt suggest this last week.

Appreciate your help - thanks

Thanks Michael

Like your suggestion - will try segmenting using Contact IDs


The likelyhood of it happening increases as your list grows and if the function is called during peak times (which means the servers take longer to respond because they are processing a lot of requests).

I agree - segmenting data based on Contact ID field is working a treat :slight_smile: