Exporting contacts - more than 5,000

I’m trying to export a large number of contacts (around 12,000) but even though I select them all, the exported file only contains 5,000, like there’s a limit. Anyone know how to solve this? Thanks!

How are you exporting? From a contact search or from the ‘reporting’ tab in a campaign? If the latter, it is possible that you only have 5k contacts in there, but they could have run through a sequence 2-3x, giving you that 14k number. If that is the case, it doesn’t download duplicates, only 1x per contact.

There isn’t a limit on exports, so if it is through contact search, contact support.


The answer to this weighs heavily on how you’re doing the export?

Hi! It was because of the format (CSV vs. XLS). Thanks anyway!