Export Contact's web profile into a database?

Has anyone been able to export the contact’s web profile into a database? The ultimate goal is to get it listed in the notes section of a 3rd party collections software so our agents can see if the consumer have been to our website.

No one has exported the web profile of users?? What about their email open and email sent activity?

Accessing the Contact’s Web Profile is not something directly exposed in the API.
There is a Visitors report which a little bit buried. Go to “Marketing → Reports → Your Web Analytics → View a Report of Visits to Your Web Sites”.

You can then save that as a Saved Search and access it via the API. Would be a good idea to sort in ID descending order so that you get the latest information first. You can store that in your own database and query it accordingly. Or, you can download the report instead.

As for the Email Open and Sent Activity, there is the “EmailAddStatus” API function.
You can search by Email address for the Contact to obtain the information.

Hope that helps.

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This is great info! Thank you! this helps a lot and will allow me to keep moving forward as that was an essential part to what we are trying to accomplish with infusion soft