Error code 500 when republishing landing page


Good news, we’ve sold out of our event. Bad news, I’ve updated the landing page to sold out in order so that if more people click the sales link they’ll see the sold out page instead.

I made updates within the landing page and went to republish. The form won’t republish and instead states Error Code 500. Any ideas why I would be getting this or more importantly what the solution is?

Any insight you can provide is greatly appreciated.

Hey Brian, I’d try reloading, republishing, and all the other basic tricks for troubleshooting weird browser behavior.

If that doesn’t work, drag out a new landing page, open it, and use the in-builder help icon in the top right. I’ve found @Dhruv_Patel and the rest of the team to be very helpful!

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The issue has been resolved. Thank you for the feedback.