Error message on landing page form

There was 1 error:
This form is no longer accepting submissions.

Hi @Arthur_Schwartz

Is this a landing page that you are creating and testing? It sounds like the landing page itself has not been published. (This would also occur if you deleted the landing page from the campaign.)

Normally I see this when testing out a new landing page that just hasn’t been published, in the campaign, yet.

@Arthur_Schwartz, there is also a campaign Action now to Unpublish…if this is done, the message you posted is the default message shown to anyone trying to submit it.

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I did publish the landing page. I will attach it here,

I just solved the problem. Thanks for your help.

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Arthur, Would you mind sharing the solution? I’m getting the same error and need to know how to fix it

I would also like to know how to fix this problem. I’ve been looking around for a solution but can’t find anything.

When a form shows as no longer taking submissions, it is almost always because the form has been updated, and the link has changed…but the test is using the previously created but no longer usable link instead.

Same thing happened to me yesterday because I had forgotten to publish my campaign after building out the web form.

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