Enforce unique email addresses

Is there a way to make Infusionsoft enforce unique email addresses?

By that I mean not allowing the creation of new records with the same email address.


There are really both yes and no answers to that. If you are using, for example, lead capturing on a website and then sending that into Infusionsoft then that is one way it can be done at the point of gathering the information (pre-validation). But directly in the IS UI, there isn’t. While unique emails are the overwhelmingly recommended thing to do, there are cases where some industries collect multiple contacts that use a central email (employees in a company for example) and so they can’t expressly not permit it. A contact merge can be run from time to time that is based on the email field and there are code based solutions that can work but natively in the app, nothing prevents someone from creating multiple contacts with the same email address.

Sounds great.