Email Server spam filters applying tags automatically?

I’m wondering if anyone is experiencing this… For quite a while now, we seem to be noticing a lot of false positives in terms of tags - when embedded within email links/buttons - getting applied automatically upon delivery of broadcast and campaign emails.

For example, we’ll send a promo email to a few thousand contacts that has a CTA with an embedded tag… Something like “Interested in promo XYZ”. When the email gets sent, we’ll immediately get 20-30 tag applications from various contacts. And when I say immediate, it’s literally a few seconds after the email is delivered. Two observations from this:

  1. It’s highly unlikely that that many people “raised their hand” as interested before even taking a few minutes to check their inbox, read the email, evaluate their level of interest, etc.

  2. In many cases, among the 20-30 people who were tagged, many contacts are from the same company.

This leads me to believe that a corporate spam filter is checking email links and tags are getting applied in that process.

If this is indeed happening, then what’s the point of embedding tags in links? It creates all sorts of confusion, both for my sales team and the prospects who never actually raised their hand.

If anyone has dealt with this or has any ideas, I’m all ears.