Edge Infusionsoft display

Does any one else have the problem with Infusionsoft, where you are searching for opportunities, and the opportunities html does not display correctly in edge on windows 1083 or later?

Seems like it was fixed a few months ago and is now broken.

Hey, @Matt_Katzer, I’m installing 1803 now and will take a look.

Thanks. You need to get on the insiders build so you can submit change request to MS. We are deploying version 1809 right now. Also the IFS plug in for outlook pro plus (office 365 subscription version) is broken and no longer works on win 1809 per release and Office 365 pro plus (2019 version).
It has beenbroken sicne July. submit a commment on thebaor daback in aug 17, bit went on death ears.


  • would be really great if you would commt to run on MS 365 OWA version as mondern plug in. IFS would have to support SSO with Azure

You should be on the 1903 Test version 1803 is old news. Also, you need to be running Wiindows 10 E5 with the advance threat protection deployed, credential guard and device guard etc. I would also flush the older APIS (pre may 25, 2018) and build with the 1809 release. The old stuff no longer works.

By the way the IFS plug in no longer works with widows 10 E (version 1809 or 1903 beta).

We still have the problem with 1903 as well - that is due out in april 2019. Also, do you know when IFS will support the modern SSO with SAML for azure identity management? We have new compliance needs on third party tools that hold customer information.