E-mail address between linked contacts


I’m new here. I have two questions and I thank you in advance for your availability.

When two linked contacts (for ex. mother and son) are inserted with the same e-mail address, someone knows why the system automatically merge the 2 contacts?
And also, if I introduce a new IF, which provide an automatic e-mail, but I have not added the e-mail address yet, the template message will not be sent. Someone knows if the message could originate also later, if the e-mail address will be inserted in a secondary moment? And if not, why?

Thank you all,


It will depend on what you’re using to get contacts into your app. Most approaches will use the email address uniquely to identify the contact and therefor will merge contacts with the same email address. There are some ways around it but start by identifying how contacts are being sent into Infusionsoft first.

Thank you @John_Borelli,
The motivation I think is mostly about user permissions - contacts and applications which the admin established.

So that would mean they are entered manually into Infusionsoft then?