Include linked contacts in broadcast emails?

I have certain contacts linked, where the contact has an assistant that should receive all correspondence. Is there a way to copy linked contacts when sending broadcast emails?

Only thing we have been able to do for clients needing this was to create code that an http post could handle the relationship and emailing through. Would love to hear if someone has a more native way of handling it.

To be honest, I’m not sure what the benefit of the linked contact functionality is.

As stated, sometimes assistants are desired to be “cc’d” or if you have a team that have a company in common et al… there are a number of reasons to want it and we’ve had clients we’ve built that functionality for… not necessarily the most common request but we’ve seen use cases.

Correct :slight_smile: I know what the needs are - but don’t know what benefits the Linked Contacts functionality has. It doesn’t enable cc’s or anything that I know of.

No it doesn’t…and that’s the question being asked. How can that be made to happen? As I said, we’ve done this through api/http post calls but natively, I don’t know of a way, which begs the question, what’s the point of having them then? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yep…that was my question: What is the point to having Linked Contacts at all if they have no function? :slight_smile:

You used to be able to merge a linked contact email address in the legacy email builder. But even then, it wasn’t very useful. If there were multiple linked contacts, it would just choose the first linked contact from the list. For now, the only use case would be to visually identify relationships on the contact record. You can also merge linked contact info into the body of the email which may have some use cases that I’m not aware of.

I would definitely recommend a custom solution for @Jessica_LeClair’s use case as @John_Borelli mentioned


Thanks, @martinc! I did some checking and in my app (it’s an older app), it looks like all those fields are still available in email templates (both the new and Legacy builder.) This is interesting since it could be a way to email family members or whatever the Linked Contact type is.


I’m with Marty - the only real benefit I’ve found for using Linked Contacts is the ability to merge info about Person A into an email going to Person B, this is useful for various relationship types (like a Prospect and their Assistant, or a Person and their Spouse).

We’ve come a cross a number of use cases requested by clients. It doesn’t apply…until it does

Thank you all for the insight. For now I think I’ll just work with the assistants to help them set up email rules that will do the job, since there isn’t a built in functionality for it in Infusionsoft.

Hi there, was trying to troubleshoot my linked contacts as I followed the instructions on this page (Linked contacts | Max Classic) but seems like it no longer works?

Can I just clarify if linked contacts work in any other way (if not, then why does it appear on the Merge Fields), and if InfusionSoft will be releasing an update to fix this anytime soon?

Thank you!! This would be a major lifesaver for us.