E-Commerce integration with back end (Laravel platform) using PayPal to collect payments for monthly subscription

Currently, the Laravel and PHP platform uses PayPal to transact subscription payments. I need to change the monthly subscription Individual Plan with 3 payment plans to a monthly flat rate. Also, I need to change the monthly from 3 payment plans Monthly to a variable flat rate based on volume.

Based on the monthly plan, the platform is designed to send scheduled phone calls or text message reminders. Is there a way to use Infusionsoft E-commerce to facilitate the change from 3 payment plans to a flat rate?

No, the payment plan system isn’t that flexible. If you’re processing payment on your site rather than from your application though, you can code for it. Unless you’re just pasting in html code from the form and then that would limit you a bit but still doable by coding on the backend. So why are you doing this from your laravel installation instead of your IBK app?