Duplicate last name fields in my Leadpages integrated form

I have integrated Leadpages with Infusionsoft. For some reason, Leadpages is pulling two last name fields into the Leadpages form (along with first name and e-mail). Front line support couldn’t figure out why. I have deleted the form in my campaign and recreated it again being sure that there are not two last name fields, but nothing seems to solve the problem. Has anyone seen this problem or have any thoughts on how to resolve it? Thank you – Rory

Hey Rory, so, just to make sure I’m understanding this - when I sign up as “Greg Jenkins” on LeadPages, it’s showing up in Infusionsoft as First Name: Greg and Last Name: Jenkins Jenkins?

Or is it First Name: Greg Jenkins and Last Name: Jenkins?

Hey Greg,

What’s happening is when you go to the Leadpage you’ll see a First Name field, a Last Name field, an Email field, and then another Last Name field. Infusionsoft is telling Leadpages that there are four fields, rather than just the three.

Does that make sense?


I have not seen that before.

I’d recommend deleting the object and recreating it. I’ve found that sometimes rebuilding things in LeadPages is all it takes to get it sorted.

Other than that - I don’t think I have anything to offer. :confused:

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That’s pretty much what it took. I had to delete the connection between Leadpages and Infusionsoft and recreate it again.

I had deleted and recreated a couple of things, but after a week of working with support, trying to figure out whether it was Infusionsoft’s issue or Leadpage’s issue, we realized it was on Leadpage’s side and they came up with that solution and it worked.


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