Divi Builder Bloom optin WP plugin - connecting with Keap Infusionsoft

Hi community,

I have a website build on a Divi Builder template and want to use the BLOOM optin plugin to capture my leads.
I create an API in my Keap account, that was accepted in the Bloom plugin.
But it says it can not Authorize it and it asks for an email list to directe the optin lead too.

I am new in Keap (as for Infusionsoft) so I do not know how to make this work.
I used to work with Mailchimp and there I new how to create the API and create the list to direct the leads too.

Has somebody have experience how to solve this issue?
Looking forward to receive and read your reply.
Much appreciated for the upcoming support.

Kind regards,
Bastiaan Anthonie Baaij
founder The Breath Control Academy