Different Downpayment From Installments

Hello. I am trying to set up a payment plan for a mastermind I will be hosting. The I’d like the down payment to be 40% of the total price, then the remaining balance broken into equal payments for 6 months. So far, all I’ve seen is the ability to have all of the payments be equal - including the downpayment. How can I set the downpayment for a certain amount that different than the monthly payments?


Hi @John_Pyron. The easiest way to accomplish this in our e-commerce platform is to create 2 products. A down payment product, preferably with the details of the payment plan in the item description. And a second product for the remaining balance, with a pay plan for it.

An Action Set to create an order would be needed, configured to create an order for the second product set to use ‘Free Trial Days’ (this will be part of the action set order configuration) These ‘Free Trial Days’ will allow the order to be created when the action set is triggers, but will hold off billing on the remaining balance product, until the ‘Free Trial Days’ are up. If you do not do this, and trigger the action set at purchase of the Downpayment product, the system will create the order and bill the first payment of the ‘Pay plan’ at the same time.

Once you have your downpayment product ready for purchase, and your second product on a payment plan, tied to an action set. You can create a simple campaign set to start with a Product Purchase of Product 1, that leads into a sequence, where you can place the action set you have created.

There is an article that we have, that talks about a similar process, on how to create a paid trial that rolls into a subscription. You may want to take a look.

There may be some other methods that our community prefers, this is just the most common method I have ran across.

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I think the way you described is the most common method, @James_Mefford. Make sure that the downpayment is made by cc and not Paypal since the order created by the action set needs a cc on file to charge.


Oh Cheryl! Good call. I totally meant to mention that before I started writing. This will not work with PayPal. Only credit card payments.

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You did all the heavy lifting, James :slight_smile:

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