How can I have someone put down a deposit and start payment for the balance on a future date

I want to charge a deposit fee for a class that may not start for a couple of months, then I want to start the balance of the payment when the class starts. So I have a moving deposit date, but I need a fixed order date for the class, without having the student having to enter their credit card again.

For example, someone puts down a $100 deposit on July 15th for a class that starts on Sept 1st. I’d like to start the payment plan (let’s say $400/month for 6 months) for the class on Sept 1st. Someone else might put down the deposit on August 5th, and I would still like the payments to start on Sept 1st. So I can’t use relative time (e.g., 30 day delay) for the 2nd billing date.

Someone explained how to do it using Legacy Order Forms, but I have classic and I can’t access Legacy Order Forms.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have been doing this manually and I would like to automate it somehow.

Thanks so much!

You could do this - date timer to new class, then call an action set that generates a new order for the second part

What @Andy_Wroe said…just be aware that this will not work if the purchase is made with Paypal as you will need valid credit card details in Infusionsoft in order to facilitate the “Create Order” action set.

Good shout Cheryl on that.

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Thanks! I will try that out. I have to admit I don’t do a lot with Action sets, they confuse me :-).