Payment Plans with a down payment option

I think the Infusionsoft payment plans are great and look good too on the ecommerce platform. But it would be nice to be able to have the ability of applying a down payment option. On some of my offerings I use That is nice but it doesn’t go through Infusionsoft and uses Stripe.

Does anyone have a simple Infusionsoft solution to this issue?

Gary, have you looked in payment plans beyond what they can do in order forms? If you set up a payment plan in a contact record, you can set the initial payment (aka down payment) to be any amount, and then the remaining payments will be the balance divided by the # of installments and billed in the daily increment of your choosing.



What about setting up something like this: How to collect an up front deposit in Infusionsoft | Monkeypod Marketing - YouTube


Great video Greg. Very helpful. I was wondering what I was going to do this weekend. Thanks alot.

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Thank you Melissa. Although I was looking for a totally automatic solution for the student, this is really a good way to go. I have been using Infusionsoft for over six years was was not aware of this feature. This is going to be very helpful in the future.

Hi Greg,
The video that you posted here is very helpful and I believe this will work for our situation as well with a need for the deposit/ payment system. I’d love to know your thoughts on taking that one step further.

We would like to have the deposit purchase reflect product options; specifically, for the customer to choose program dates. This option will then determine when the balance payment should be applied. It seems that using a decision diamond from the purchase to a the payment sequence would be the way to do that, but I am stuck on finding a way to create the criteria for that decision. Can you provide any ideas for that?

Product options, or order details in general, are not available for decision diamond branching, unfortunately.

The only way I know to handle what you’re asking is by using a third party tool (like Zapier) to read the order info, and apply the appropriate tag to put them into the right sequence/follow up.

Sorry I don’t have a more native solution for you!

Hi Greg,
Even that is a helpful idea. Thank you!

Hopefully this entire scenario is something that will eventually be available in the system. Nearly every client I’ve worked with has wanted an option for deposit and payments.