Detailed Reports for InfusionSoft Legacy Landing Page

Hi all!

So I am having a hard time finding something. In October 2017 I set up 10 legacy landing pages in a campaign for various webinar types we have. In the landing page, I have them submit a bunch of information. Most of this information I did not need as a tag and some was long-form responses. I am now needing to pull the thousands of landing page submissions and have one of those categories shown to see what they selected. Is there any way to do this? I’ve looked in reports and have not found a way to pull the radio button selected. For an example, here is one of the landing pages: Career Coaching Community of Practice - Powered by Keap. I need to pull the answer to the question: “Which of the following best describes what you primarily do?”

Hi Kayla,

Is the radio question a custom field, or was it added using the “radio” snippet on the landing page builder?

Follow up question - if it was the radio snippet, any chance there are tags being applied by the selection they make?

Hi Greg,

They are radio snippets, but not attached to a tag. These weren’t as important to see the answers consistently, so I only applied tags to 2 of the radio snippet questions. Those are something we filter for consistently. What I need to grab now is something we probably only search for once or twice a year. We have in the past (and still do for a lot of our forms) use JotForm, but I’ve been trying to put them in one consistent place. Will probably have to rethink that now…