Decision Diamond from Landing page


I am trying to get a decision diamond to work from the options selected in a landing page field. It doesn’t seem to be working. Is this not possible?

The landing page is for an event which has selective criteria for attendees so I want to send some to a thank you email and some to an email which explains that they do not meet the criteria, if I can’t use the landing page do I have to set up a form? Or is there any other way of doing this.

Thanks very much for your help in advance,


@Chris_O_Hanlon, if you are using the new landing page builder, you won’t be able to configure a decision diamond using “Form Criteria” like with an Infusionsoft web form or the old landing pages. Instead, the easiest way is to apply a tag for each option selected and then configure the routing in the decision diamond using those tags. Does that help?

Thanks yes I was thinking I might have to use tags instead. So if the tag is applied at the form then is it so that they can be used immediately in the decision diamond.

I also looked at using form submission but I only get the option of using the contact not the form submission which is shown in the tutorial video

Regarding tagging on the landing page options, the tagging needs to be configured inside the form option area.

Regarding using a web form, the web form needs to be an Infusionsoft form built in Infusionsoft, not something like LeadPages where the submission is triggered via the API.

Ok so I tried using tags but that doesn’t seem to work either

Are you able to do a screencast video of what you’re experiencing, @Chris_O_Hanlon? I’ve not run into what you’re describing as we don’t know where the landing page has been built or what type of options you’re using. If you’re using the NEW landing page builder, this is where the tagging needs to be configured if you’re using radio buttons:


Actually it’s ok it was because I hadn’t published the campaign.

Glad it’s working now, @Chris_O_Hanlon :slight_smile: