Introduction - Hello Infusionsoft world!

Hello! I’m new to the community and to Infusionsoft. My company has been using Sales Optima for years with lots of difficulties. A new landing page would cost $150 and you might be lucky if technical support responded in a month. I saw an add for Infusionsoft recommended by a friend of mine so I took some time to evaluate if it would work for us. We went through two demo’s with the boss sitting in on the second one and we decided to make the change.

We are one of 50 franchises and we have 17 locations around the Tampa Bay area. I’m in the middle of my coaching sessions which have been very helpful. So has the daily chats with Justin and Grant. I’ve set up 14 landing pages and am trying to get a decsion diamond to work. I’ve got 7 campaigns identified to build out and I just love not only what Infusionsoft can do but the journey along the way.

Needless to say I have a lot of work in front of me :sunglasses:. I’m off to try to find out about decision diamonds…

Welcome, Keith. We’re glad to have you. Be sure to check out the video on this article to teach you about Decision Diamonds if you haven’t already.

Thanks! I got it sorted. I appreciate you reaching out!