Credit card payments being declined by invalid card code


We are using the PHP SDK to create and charge invoices in InfusionSoft from an external app. We are getting a lot of transactions declined by the payment gateway. This is the error message we are getting from them: “The card code is invalid (78)”. It seems that this error code has to do with the CVV value for the card. According to my understanding from this post: CVV code not saving for multiple transactions - #3 by Jordan_Novak you don’t store the CVV value for the card at the system. So I guess that we are getting those error messages because you are not passing the CVV value (cause you don’t have it) and then the bank is rejecting the transaction because of that. So, if that is the case, is there a way we can pass the CVV value when charging an invoice by using the InfusionSoft PHP SDK?

Thank you very much in advance for your kind reply!

HI, @Johann_Granados,

So it would be a violation of PCI DSS regulations to do so, especially now with the newest regulations in place. If you have a recurring invoice then it would have to be setup as a subscription and not an individual invoice. If that’s not the payment model, then it is required that each time the card is charged, that it be proven to be authorized by your client supplying the CVV/CVC each and every time.