CVV code not saving for multiple transactions

I am getting CVV code errors from our merchant account when charging a new transaction on an existing card that was added with a CVV code and that has already been successfully charged to the same merchant account.

Here’s an example:
Credit card added (via API) and initial transaction charged (also via API) on 2018-10-28, no problems, charge is Approved.
Same credit card is then charged (via API) on 2018-10-31 and the merchant returns this error: “

  • Card CVD is invalid
    Invalid Field Values: trnCardCvd”

    New cards added and then charged soon after are being approved, but charges against saved cards consistently fail.

    This looks like an internal Infusionsoft issue, not correctly saving the CVV auth for repeated use or something. Any ideas or help from Infusionsoft here?

  • Hey Jordan,
    Infusion doesn’t retain the cvv associated with a card as part of our PCI compliance. Many of the implemented merchant accounts do not require the cvv to be passed with each transaction or it is a setting that can be toggled on the merchant account side. I believe Eway and 1 other merchant account whom I can’t think of at the moment have policies that require cvv. These merchant accounts we have integrations with that initially pass that information and then are allowed to be charged subsequently without the cvv.

    I’d first suggest looking into the merchant account settings to see if the cvv required option is enabled and disable it if possible. Otherwise, I have not heard of any new changes to our merchant accounts nor other customers bringing up this issue.

    Thanks for the Response @Sterling,

    My client is using a Beanstream gateway, and the processor behind it seems to be Bambora. They sent me the link below to reference the updated requirements making the CVV code mandatory:

    Is there any chance of having an update made to continue to allow the use of saved credit cards with this processor?

    Hey @Jordan_Novak,
    I have some unfortunate news related to the issue you are seeing. It appears that Beanstream now Bambora has changed their policy on requiring the CVV code when processing credit cards. They now require the CVV on all orders being processed in an effort to reduce fraud it appears. Infusionsoft was not directly notified or made aware of this change thus the late/slow feedback. However, Infusionsoft is not prepared to make changes to support this change by storing the CVV on credit cards. If you wish to keep using Infusionsoft and processing orders your only course of action would be to switch to another payment gateway. You can find out more on how to switch to a different gatway as well as how to update your orders via this article. Beanstream payments no longer supported | Max Classic