Live payment with infusionsoft payment

For Live payment with infusionsoft payment, got the error message in chargeInvoice method
“The charge was null, payment failed validation” in API, please help

Is the problem one off, or is it happening all the time?

Is everything setup correctly, ie: nothing has changed?

I am also having a similar problem with Live Payment through InfusionSoft. Would love to here the cause for this error:

FAILED_VALIDATION: The charge was null, payment failed validation

And how to solve it! For me, it happens on every product purchase attempt regardless of the credit card being used.

Please do share the solution. I have the same issue!


This thread never contained or resulted in a solution. You may want to start a new thread to see if it will get other’s attention that might know more.

thanks John.

@Benji_Burrell, Did you start another thread or find a solution to this?