Creating "Referral" history via the API for Affiliates / Referral Partners and Optin stats

For 3rd party forms -

I’m creating the Referral entry via the API for contacts who are referred from an affiliate link. However; the “Optin” stat does not seem to increase. I’m passing the ‘affiliate’ parameter, grabbing that, creating a “Referral” entry in for that associated contact and affiliate. So that’s all good. However the “Num opt ins” does not increment. What am I missing here?

The “num clicks” increment each time the affiliate URL is accessed, but once someone opts in via a 3rd party form and I create a Referral entry via the API, the “Num opt ins” does not increment.

What am I missing here?


Hi Casey, what 3rd party forms are you using to submit contacts to Infusionsoft? I’m looking through the code for that report and it appears that the “Num opt ins” column is joining on a table that is populated only when you submit via an official Infusionsoft web form and may not work for 3rd party form submissions.

Hey Nicholas

Thanks for the response.

I built in affiliate tracking into my iTracker360 that will work with 3rd party forms. So I’m basically working with any form that’s not an official infusionsoft form.

During my testing I noticed that the Num Optins did not increment, so that explains why. However; The referrral entry is successfully created and used when commissions are generated, so that’s good.

For popular landing page / web form solutions such as EverWebinar that submits contact info via the API, optins are not reported back to the affiliate.

Just my feedback -

It would be nice if the referral history created from the API was reported back to the affiliate in the referral partner center. I think it’s not very motivating for affiliates to see a high click rate and low optin rate even though an optin has occurred and the referral has been assigned via the API.

Anyhow that’s just my two cents. Thanks for the clarification.



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Thanks for the feedback Casey! I will pass it along to our product management team for consideration.

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I’m trying to have the referral partner info set when a new contact opts in for a webinar through Everwebinar. Did you find a solution to this yet? (I know this is pretty recent)

Hey Chris

Yea if you use iTracker360, we can create the affiliate referrals via the API if you are using EverWebinar. I just added that feature last week.

The free version will sync up to 30 contacts per month with that information and the premium account works for unlimited contacts.

If you sign up with it just reach out to me if you have any questions.


Thanks Casey. We use iMember360 already, so that’s great.

I figured out a working but limited direct integration between IS and EW.

The user submits an IS form on a registration page through the affiliate’s tracking link. Then there is an HTTP post to EW to register the contact who then receives follow up notifications through EW.

It’s still limited in that I don’t have the unique user link to the webinar and can’t have the thank you page land on the webinar countdown page since the post happens after the user submits the form.

I’ll check out iMember360 on Monday. Can iMember360 solve the current limitation?

You probably just misread it, but iMember360 is different than iTracker360. One is for membership sites using wordpress and itracker is for lead tracking / capturing leadsource and among other things.

Yea, there is a work-around with submitting an infusionsoft form and integrating with EverWebinar like you are doing through the HTTP post. That is definitely an option and has it’s pros and cons.

The other method is to use the standard EverWebinar form where people can select the webinar date/time when registering. If you use iTracker on your site and also included in your Everwebinar form, we can track the affiliate and create referral records via the Infusionsoft API.


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Yes I agree with Casey, this is an issue because Affiliates want to see their stats and if numbers stay at 0… then that obviously impacts promotion moving forward…

We implemented api integration, contact is added correctly, the affiliate is added to his contact profitle and appears in Referral Partner Tracking but like Casey, optin are at 0…

If you guys can add support for that as soon as possible it would be great, thanks