Creating issues at paid membership form creation time


I am using IS with My Wordpress site. i need to create registration form for wordpress paid membership.

how is it possible to create paid membership form through IS?


Most use an Infusionsoft integrated plugin like Memberium or iMember360. I favor Memberium but others may have other preferences.

I am also using memberium plugin… issues is creating on paid membership form through infusionsoft.
i have created this form for paid membership -

But members is not creating on wordpress side.

The key to memberium is simply to make sure the right tags for the contact are set for the content they will have access to. Memberium can be setup to validate the contact through IS using the Username and password fields from IS and the tags will tell Memberium what that contact can have access to.

I think i set all tag and set http post link properly. can you please check with screenshot and let me know about the issue.

I don’t have any way of knowing what tags are relevant to you but they look fine. Do contacts have username and password set and has Memberium been told to look at that?

These all tags are created through Memberium plugin. and we have setup http post link for create password.

can you please send your email id? so i will share my website and Infusionsoft login details.

This isn’t directly an Infusionsoft matter. I think you will gain more understanding from Memberium. They have amazing support and documentation. You might want to start here: