Creating a registration form, for new users/members to my word press site

Hi, I wonder if someone can help me. I would like to run a log in/registration form through Keap
new members buy through thrive cart
that creates a link via an email address & tag and sent to Keap
using WP Fusion, all the tags are sent to my WP site
email is sent out to an ULTIMATE MEMBER plug in - registration form.

BUT - of course it won’t allow new members to register as the email address is already listed on the website (via Keap & WP fusion)

I am not sure how to set up a registration form, so my new members can generate their own password and log in automatically into their course.

I am not sure why this step has broken, but currently all new members/customers don’t gain access unless I manually give them a password.

any help welcome on where to find this form and how to link it (the new PW feild to WP fusion.

  1. do I just use the HTML code in the campaign to share it after they have filled the form.
  2. how do I know that that the right fields get used in their user account in the website.