Creating a new fixed URL for form where you copied from another form

I had a Comments form that I copied over to use to create a Client Information Form.

Unfortunately, even though I have modified the copied form with new fields, I cannot figure out how to generate a new sets of links to the new form. The old Comment form links were copied over, and there does not appear to be a way to generate a new set of links.


Hi Robert,

I am not sure I fully understand, but are you stating that you had a webform, and you made a copy of it to build something else, but the hosted links to this copy are identical to the original?

That is correct.

I actually created a form as a campaign, and then copied it over to make a new form

I’d like to take a peek at this if you don’t mind. I’ve never seen that happen. The unique url (the long one that you can’t edit) is supposed to change and a number is supposed to be appended to the pretty url. I am going to send a DM your way to get a little info. I am not in the office right now but I can’t hop in and look at this first thing in the morning. Check your direct messages on here when you get a moment.