Corrupt User Error When Sending HTTP Post

I searched the site but couldn’t find anything on this error…

I’ve had a couple contacts (that I’m aware of) fail to generate passwords when entering the membership system due to an error “Corrupt User”. Here are some screenshots:

User 1: Infusionsoft_-_Memberium_-_Password_Generation_Corrupt_User_Error

User 2: Infusionsoft_-_Memberium_-_Corrupt_User_Error_-_Password_Generation. I click the “funnel contact” button on the error for this one to see what would happen. It popped up with the new HTTP post Run task but still didn’t generate a password for the user.

A couple of questions:

First, I don’t recognize this icon…(what membership options are you using)?


Second, there is a known error that if a user is not assigned to a contact then it is coming up as an invalid user rather than un-assigned. I don’t know if that’s the case here or if that is even going to affect this but it is quite possible.

There seems to be an issue with the “send HTTP post” process in campaign builder. It’s affecting all our “send HTTP post” processes as well as other users. I spoke to support on live chat and they said the advanced support team will take 24-48 hours to troubleshoot and provide an update… :unamused:
We rely on the HTTP post process in a number of campaigns.

We are currently working to resolve this priority issue. We will share updates as we have them, but I am hoping we will be resolving this shortly. I wish I had more for you at this moment but I will get more information as the team gets this resolved. We have posted this on the known issues page @

also @John_Borelli I am investigating the icon myself, it is a little lower on my priority as the issue itself is at the top, but I am going to see what I can find out on that, because I had never seen it myself. In the campaign builder, the icon is the same old HTTP post arrow icon.

Absolutely @James_Mefford! Forget the flippin icon for now lol… that is the least of our worries :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It appears that this problem only happens from within an http post in campaign builder. I’ve talked with some that replaced the action with an action set and said things worked. I’ve tested by running the same script posted to, from outside of infusionsoft, and it worked (although the browser showed the message “auth is running…” and this script does not output anything). Some are getting Corrupted User and some are having no message at all and I’ve tried under both conditions. So the only consistent behavior I’m finding is when it is called from a http post from within campaign builder…hope some of that helps.