Getting 302 error wen trying to post contact to campaign

I am getting a 302 error when trying to process payments for my online learning courses. We are testing now before going live and would like to know if it is something that can be fixed.

Here is a video showing exactly what is going on.

I would like to get this fixed asap so we can launch on the 22nd…

So is that http post supposed to create the user on your site? It’s sent to your webroot and that, as far as a uri goes, would not have anything to do with actual payments processing. Also, have you checked with AccessAlly?

I have sent in a ticket to AccessAlly. I am waiting on their response.

The process is as follows.

  1. The visitor visits the wordpress site

  2. They select a course and pay through the woocommerce cart

  3. Infusedwoo syncs the sale with Infusionsoft which then tags them giving them access to the course on the site.

  4. The credentials are emailed to them and is also stored in Infusionsoft and on the Wordpress site.

  5. They then can log in and see the content in a tag based drip fashion.
    The second way we are capturing and interacting would be the lead magnet form.

  6. The visitor visits the site and from the lead form fills in their information

  7. They are then added to an infusionsoft campaign that sends them a series of emails.

Jeff Beale

Ok, so given you’re campaign (video) and description, you’re generating the password with that http post. The parameter you are using (aal_genpass) is also correct. While it’s possible to have copied the last part (after the = sign) incompletely, that’s usually not the case. So AA will have to determine why it would give you a 302. Also, if you run that in a browser url, it just gives the login page, which may be what IS is getting back as the reply (which would cause problems too)