Web form error 308 Permanent Redirect

Problem connecting to CRM through web form post URLs. Our vendor is using an automated system to post data to the web form post urls for 2 separate lead funnels. They are receiving the error:

"The remote server returned an error: (308) Permanent Redirect "

How to resolve and InfusionSoft tech support apparently does not support API questions even as they may have done something internally to cause this new issue.

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We have the same exact problem, and it is acknowledged on the http://knownissues.infusionsoft.com/ page. I checked in with support and there are no updates.

Our form post integrations have worked for YEARS and we are deeply disappointed in whatever change Infusionsoft has made to break these. Now some of our business logic can’t run and it is causing a huge inconvenience to several of our companies.

Can Infusionsoft support provide an update on this known issue?

We found that we can “get by” for now using CURL, as the known issue documented suggested. However, this appears to have appears to have a side-effect of the forms being posted twice for some reason. Here’s an example of a CURL command we used:

curl --location --cookie-jar "[path-to/cookiejar.txt]" --data "[post-data]" --header "Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded" --request POST "[form-url]"

You can also add an argument like -trace "[path-to/trace.txt]" to see the details of what’s going on behind the scenes, and it’s mind boggling. We opened up a support ticket with an extensive amount of detail in hopes that it helps push things forward on this matter.

Any updates on this? All I’m trying to do is HTTP Post to a webform and get this error every time on multiple campaigns. The HTTP post has the inf_form_xid, the inf_form_name, and infusionsoft_version.
That’s another question…does the infusionsoft version of the webform have to be there? The reason i’m asking is that every other day the webform’s version changes, so I would think that the HTTP posts would also have to be updated with that version number to work?

We have the same issue. Not sure when did they make the change, but I’m pretty sure it was working around June. Contacted the support team several time, they never understand what’s going on. So disappointed. According to their known issues recommendation, for http post a form, it’s better to user api. But if we switch to api, the web form triggered campaign will stop working, right?

None. Not working still. Lead comes in but email status is blocked unless I fix. I then have to enter prompt the tags now to feed into the campaign. A royal mess and nobody at InfusionSoft gives a rip. I have spent hours with my lead generation vendor and believe I have lost him at this point. They offer lead generation services for 100’s of companies using other CRMs. It is only his customers using InfusionSoft that such automation has been lost.

Thank you InfusionSoft!

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This issue used to be marked in Red on the http://knownissues.infusionsoft.com/ list but has been downgraded to Yellow. I wonder if they are even going to fix it. SO DISAPPOINTING.

I don’t see this on then known issues anymore, was it resolved or forgotten about? Are people still having a problem, is there a work around for it?

It was intended behavior resulting from some rather hefty back-end changes that took place last year. Dev either couldn’t technically revert the changes or it was too risky. Customers that reported the issue received messaging along these lines:

If using CURL/PHP - Use the cookie jar curl command/flag (-c) and to force curl to follow redirects command/flag [-L]

Http posts will need to be set up to follow redirects

We recommend using the API to submit contact information vs posting. More information can be found on our developer.infusionsoft.com website.

Aksed me if I wanted to continue this conversation and sicne I did not see any method to contact IS/Keap via email I need to " revive this old topic from 3 years ago". Got this from my vendor support (Uncounce)

Nov 30, 2021, 6:56 PM GMT+1

Hi there,

Following up on your questions earlier regarding the integration errors that are being received from the webhook integration with Infusionsoft, I can confirm that the integration is indeed working and the leads are being captured in Infusionsoft.

You can see this by viewing the leads table in the overview page in the builder and by clicking on the leads themselves. Please see the screenshot below:

Lead Details

In regards to the integration errors, I had a look and it appears the webhook is returning a 308 error “Unknown Status Code: 308”. This means that the destination URL has been moved or changed and thus the webhook URL is no longer valid. I have done a little digging and it seems this is a known occurrence with infusionsoft and from a community post (here Web form error 308 Permanent Redirect - Max Classic - Keap Community) it seems like the CRM are limited in how they are helping. It may still be worth running it by infusionsoft support, just to see what they say as we do not have visibility to the CRM to see what is causing the error.