Contacts added via 3rd-party opt-in form counted as unengaged

Contacts captured through Keap opt-in forms are classified as “Engaged” as soon as they opt-in.

But most of our new contacts are captured through a 3rd-party opt-in form when they register for a webinar.

Unfortunately, these contacts are considered unengaged when they first opt-in, even though they may have just watched an entire webinar. Apparently only opt-ins through Keap forms are considered engaged. The result is that the number of unengaged contacts may be significantly over-reported, since it counts contacts who recently opted in as unengaged.

Does anyone have a solution or work-around for this?



The web forms are also the only way to get an ‘unengaged non-marketable’ person back to a marketable state.

Slight workaround would be to send them the replay immediately and have them click to view and/or take action after the webinar (that would trigger them to be engaged since they clicked a link).

The other way would be to somehow include a web form in the ‘flow’ that they go through for the webinar. For example, you could include a button somewhere along the flow process (like Click to Register) or something, that would be at a point where you are either capturing email or after the email has been entered. That “button” could simply be a web form with a hidden email field (that is fed from a url parameter) and a button. When they click that button (view webinar, or whatever), they are ’technically’ submitting a web form, so it will mark them engaged.


Hi Jeff,
Thanks for the feedback. That’s a great idea about adding a pre-filled webform into the registration confirmation flow.

To expand on your idea, it makes me wonder if we could just have a simple php script fill and submit a webform in the background each time someone registers. Campaign builder could just do an http post to run the script for each new contact that opts in.

It seems like a pretty simple script. What do you think?