Is there a way to get the path to a record into a text field of said record?

I’m using Phoneburner, and when I bring the record(s) in, I can import this field and have access to the infusionsoft record readily available.

If you are exporting/importing into Phoneburner, then you could export the Contact ID into a column and use an Excel concatenate function to build that field.

Otherwise, you’d need to get a tool, like PlusThis or a FixYourFunnel FunnelBots (like the Mash Fields Bot) to combine fields. There, you can set a Custom Field in your system to be and then “mash” it with the Contact ID field. That would set your 2nd Custom Field to have the data you want.


No, that’s not going to work (I mean it will but…) because then it’s not automated. I need to get the contactid into a field, THEN PlusThis can put that and another text item together INTO a field and I have automation. Right now, they have a feature called Gimme an Update however it gives me “&contactid=XXXXX” and because of the &contactid= the resulting path doesn’t work. If i have to take every record I gather through new lead generation and bring it into excel, it’s defeating the automation purpose. Interestingly, what I’m trying to do is find a quick way back to the record so I can manually create an AppointmentCore meeting. So, in getting off the phone, I have to find the record in infusionsoft and then initiate an AppCore appointment as well as keep track of the day and time and it’s just a flow killer. I wanted a shortcut to the record. However, in thinking it through, maybe if I create a piesync connection that applies a tag, I can have a notification email back to me from infusionsoft with appointmentcore link that has the contactid merge field in it. And Jeff, that just might be the answer. Love bouncing things off other geeks. More of a salesperson than a geek but I’m tryin :wink:

The email option will definitely work. I do that for things myself a lot.

I’m choice-less on this one and I’m constructing it now.

Just to finish this off, PlusThis does have a feature that will take the contactID and put it in a field as text. It’s called Set Field. Oddly, I asked support if there was a feature like this and the guy I worked with wasn’t aware of it at all. Taking the results of that and using the Combine Field feature in PlusThis does the job completely and gives me exactly what I needed. Anyway, didn’t want to leave this hanging. The email notification is no longer necessary :slight_smile: