How to retrieve contact's information using inf_contact_key using Rest API

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As part of email campaigns, users click on an email button that leads them to a website page, like eBook: How to set up a sustainable PMO with ITM Platform

That page will have javascript code that needs to identify the user with the only parameter I have available: inf_contact_key.

How can I use inf_contact_key to retrieve contact’s information (mainly the email)?

Keap REST API only admits the contact ID. I reckon there must be a way to retrieve the contact ID using inf_contact_key

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If you have the inf_contact_key then you also have both the email and id of the contact (you’ll have to add it to the parameters with a merge field). Pass either the email or id and you can then use it to look up the contact with the api. You can’t use the inf_contact_key as that works internally with Infusionsoft.

In other words, you append the parameter name/value pair in the email link (add to what you have above &contactId=~Contact.Id~

Had no idea I could add merge fields in the URL.

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