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There is a calendar date range all of a sudden when I go to view emails for a contact. It might say that there are no emails at all on file, but then I click “view all” and the calendar range pops up. It looks like the range defaults to the beginning of the month. If I tell it to look for emails from Jan. 1 until today’s date, several emails might show up. My question is, is there any way to default my account to show me ALL emails like it used to? Or at least default to a bigger date range? Like within the last year or at least within the last 3 months? It’s a little annoying that there is now this extra step and I think I’ve forgotten to log emails at first glance.
Thanks for any help you can give!

The other day someone else reported exactly the same issue. On upon looking at it Infusionsoft has done some performance improvements so that the Contact Record loads more quickly.

Not sure if @Andy_Wroe or @Jeff_Arnold have got any suggestions?

My version of Infusionsoft does not show what you are speaking of. I have my regular list of emails.
Sorry I can’t be of further help.


Going to take a punt at this, but I’m not sure that this is definitely what you mean.

I’m guessing that for a contact you are now having to click ‘View Entire History’ and then putting in a date range to see different emails.

The reason this exists is to reduce your load times of contact records (this is why notes moved to this format, so again I’m taking a bit of a guess behind the architecture would be for the same reason) and I am not aware of a way of switching this off.

Sorry couldn’t be of more definitive help


Thank you for your response! That’s correct. That’s what’s happening.

While I understand the reasoning behind this, for those of us that have a longer sale cycle, this is really annoying. I also don’t save every single email to the contact, only relevant ones, so in my situation the load time wouldn’t be crazy anyway.

I also noted that it looks like the date range takes the date the email was recorded, not the date of the actual email. So if I forget to log an email from May 1 and realize/record it June 5 when I get my task reminder to follow-up, then if I look for the email in the May 1 - May 30 date range, it won’t be there.

Anyway…I just think it’s an update that had good intentions, but I personally find it annoying.

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