Communicating with a Developer

I’m working with a developer who is creating a REST API between Infusionsoft E-Commerce and a subscription service platform to fetch data from Infusionsoft and dump into the platform app. The API needs to call when a new purchase is sent from Infusionsoft. Following is the chat dialogue:

Developer: Take a screenshot of where you will put it and email it to me.
Me: Could you explain more because I’m not sure of what you mean for where I will put it.
Developer: Means If I will give you link which you need to set such a way that it will submit after every purchase then where you will set it ?

It sounds like “techie talk” to me :blush: Can anyone interpret what the developer means?

If you are doing an outbound “API” call, it is the HTTPs post action inside the campaign builder.

So in the campaign builder you would set a Purchase Goal for Any Purchase that would trigger a sequence. Inside the sequence you will set up an HTTPS post that will go to a URL he provides and that will feed him the data he is looking for.

This is you sending him data. Is that what you are looking for?


Thanks! I appreciate the explanation.