Classifying products WITHOUT Infusionsoft e-commerce


I have a coaching and training business. I’ve integrated QB and Thrivecart with Keap Pro. I have different types of clients and products and would like to know how to categorize my products so I can set up effective campaigns.

My coaching clients shouldn’t go through the same nurture sequence as my courses clients.

Ex. Someone buys a course on my training site. I set up a nurture campaign. From what I can tell, I can only select ALL products or specific products from the Product Purchase trigger/goal.

This would potentially cause my monthly coaching clients to get the same sequence after every payment.

Is there a way to categorize all of my courses and coaching products/services separately?


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Normally you would see this when setting a product purchase as a campaign goal:

And you set product categories in the product creation section.

It seems like your question is asking how to do this without doing exactly this, because you don’t have or don’t use InfusionSoft shopping cart.

I assume QB and Thrivecart can communicate some things to InfusionSoft, so you’d have to see what you are able to do there and see how that can tie in to IS campaigns. The easiest thing I can think of is applying tags. If Thrivecart lets you apply tags in IS contact records, then that should solve this for you pretty easily.