Changing the Category of more than one tag at a time

I am in the process of importing thousands of contacts from our old CRM and I am using the import to auto create tags that indicate the course a contact has completed. Once the import is complete the tag sits in the “Imported” category. I have created a category “Courses”. Can I select more than one tag and change their category to “Courses” at one time, or do I have to apply the match during the import?

I have only imported a small set of contacts as a test run, so can easily roll back if needed.

Help would be great!!


muy bien

I think that what I really want to do is merge two tags, combining all associated contacts.

Hi Jodi,

So yes but no. There isn’t a way to do this through the interface. However, if you export the tag list of those you want to change and then load that into something like excel or numbers and change the category row for all of the tags in question, then, with the tag id as part of the information, you can re-import those as changes and the updates will be applied to the tag id’s with the new category assignments.

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Great thanks John,
I hadn’t thought of using tag IDs! Similar method to the way you can update contacts by first exporting their IDs.



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