Can't choose custom field type

Suddenly, when creating a custom field, the system will not let me choose a custom field type. Any ideas.

this is a ’known issue’
You can submit your app info here to be advised when it is fixed

Issue Number: 2343280

Issue Status: In Queue

Date Reported:

Estimated Resolution Date: 3/24/2021

March 30th 2021 2:38 PM MST Our development team has been able to replicate similar behavior in some testing applications. We are still working to identify the source of the problem. March 25th 2021 2:05 PM MST We are still investigating the cause of this issue. March 3rd 2021 4:33 PM MST For some users, drop downs in campaign builder > create task process won’t open, and the field type drop down in custom fields also doesn’t open for the same users.

Alternative Solution:
In Chrome turning off Settings > Sync and Google services > Help improve Chrome’s features and performance seems to have helped some users. Microsoft Edge will work to add/edit custom fields, but may not work in campaign builder as it is not a supported browser.

Product Line: Max Classic