Can I use tags to determine content in emails, without a decision diamond?

I am working on a campaign for subscription clients whose credit card has expired. I’d like the emails to say "if you don’t pay up, you’ll be missing out on these benefits: " and then list the specific services they were paying for (based on their tags).

I realize that I could use a decision diamond so that if they are subscribed to Service A or B, they get the A or B emails. But we have 7 subscription services and clients can have any combination of those services – hundreds of possible combinations. That’s too many to create a decision diamond for.

Is there any way at all that I can use tags to determine the text in an email, without using decision diamonds?

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I know this post is two years old, but since there is no answer I thought I might provide it for others who search for it. Click the main menu, then under Marketing click Dynamic Content. From there, you can create conditional content based on tags and many other contact record data.

To target tag ids, it would look something like:

[% if contact.tags.uids contains "123" %]
<!-- CONTENT -->
[% elsif contact.tags.uids contains "321" %]
<!-- CONTENT -->
[% endif %]

Replace the numbers above with your tag ids, comma separates for more than one.

One glitch I noticed recently is that the code itself is sent in test emails. If you want to make sure you set it up right, you need to create a dummy contact and add them to the sequence.