Can I prevent redirect on form submission?

I’m trying to create a lead gen form for a quiz that I’m building. I have the campaign set up, I’ve added the form to the quiz sequence … my issue is that on submission of the lead gen form it redirects to a thank you page. Is there any way to prevent the form redirect so it just submits the lead to InfusionSoft but stays on the same page?

I have a somewhat similar question - I have a simple YouTube video in my campaign - Is there a way to keep it on the same page? Play it on the email…

I’m thinking that’s asking that the video auto-play which is in email settings…therefore I may be typing out loud…

All of the major email providers don’t support that, @Cindy_Glover. The best thing to do is take a screenshot and link out to the YouTube.

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“Work Smarter - Not Harder” - I need the t-shirt. :thinking:

Thank you @Cheryl_Hunt!!

You bet :slight_smile: We all need that t-shirt lol