Can I add a domain and subdomain on one account

I have a domain that I wish to collect leads on and then running a course on a subdomain of the same domain. Can I put both of these on the one Infusionsoft account?

Im struggling to see how this works and I am new to the whole setup!

In what context are you asking? Do you mean for DKIM registrations? If so then if you have users with their email address for each domain/sub-domain you want then you will be able to register both. If you’re wanting to assign the same to landing pages then I believe that would be on a page by page basis.

Thanks for your reply. I have my main domain and a courses (subdomain) and want to have both domains adding users to the same Infusionsoft account and lists. Is this possible rather than having two separate accounts? I have read that contacts may not be updated if the API Key is used on two different urls and my understanding is that a subdomain is a different url to a domain.

I am unsure how to add the subdomain on the account if it is possible, as I dont understand the DKIM process very well if that is what I need to use.

I think what you’ve heard would not be correct. As long as it’s the same api key then the api can be called from as many domains as you need. The only exception would be if you had ip addresses white listed in your account (it doesn’t sound like that is the case though)

Ok thanks for that. I thought that Infusionsoft said I needed separate accounts for the different URLs. Thanks for your help :smile:

They were probably recommending not running more than one business from a single app as that can be problematic (though it is possible) and tricky. Different url’s for the same business, however, don’t pose the same issues.